Now your customers and prospects can respond by voice.

Do your offline media campaigns need a lift to response and clear attribution? Respond Fast is a Voice Activated Call To Action (VACTA), and it easily integrates into your new or existing campaigns.

Respond Fast makes it easier than ever for your audience to use their smart speakers to respond to your offers. Plus, you get 100% attribution to your campaign’s offer, creative, audience and marketing channel. You will always know exactly how each marketing campaign performs.

Target customers and prospects with specific offers that can be redeemed instantly. No other response strategy comes even close to the ease of asking smart speakers to “respond fast.”


“Launch Respond Fast”

This simple phrase is the fastest and easiest CTA to your offers, discounts, or premiums. Let’s see it in action →

Perfect for all your offline marketing:

  • Direct Mail
  • Radio & Podcasts
  • Packaging

  • Print Ads & Collateral
  • Television
  • Billboards & Signage

How it works

A unique phrase or code is printed or announced on advertising media. To respond, the prospects simply says:

“Alexa, launch Respond Fast”

This phrase automatically enables and runs the skill on a smart speaker.

The prospect speaks their phrase or code:

”my phrase is Retire Smart” or,
“my code is 7227-1234-4321”

This identifies your specific campaign or prospect.

Information is captured and the offer, order, or information is then fulfilled via speech, shipping, or text message.

Easy response to direct mail
“My code is 7227-1234-5678”

Personal Capital makes it easy for prospects to sign up with 100% direct mail attribution, with their unique code.

Respond mid show during a podcast
“My phrase is iHeartRadio”

A young professional hears an ad on the Ron Burgundy podcast to download the iHeartRadio mobile app.

Extending that radio ad after drive time
“My phrase is Zip100”

Driver hears an ad with an offer for ZipRecruiter on Howard Stern, safely responds by voice, and gets a text to continue the transaction at their destination.

Easy to redeem direct mail offers
“My phrase is Bed Bath & Beyond”

Bed Bath & Beyond makes it easy to get 20% Off your next purchase with a coupon sent straight to your mobile.

Response from the comfort of your couch
“My phrase is SelectQuote”

SelectQuote can send a prospect an automated text with useful information and notify an agent to call.

Make it count with voice voting
“My phrase is vote American Idol”

Viewers can vote in real time for their favorite artists while watching live programming.

A meaningful brand connection
“My phrase is Honey Nut Cheerios recipes”

Cheerios is building brand loyalty and extending customer engagement by offering easy-to-access recipes on cereal packaging.

Quick access to dosage information
“My phrase is Tylenol dosage for children”

A worried mom with a sick child can get audible dosage information for Children’s Tylenol.

A 5-star experience with ratings and surveys
“My phrase is rate Domino’s Pizza”

Domino's makes it easy for customers to give feedback, in real time.

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*Use cases and brand names are for illustration purposes only, these are not active campaigns.

Quickly set up campaigns and review results.

Setting up a Voice Activated Call To Action (VACTA) couldn’t be easier. Use one convenient dashboard to:

  • Create your offer
  • Decide how it’s delivered
  • Begin your campaign

  • Analyze results
  • Refine and improve your campaign

With unique codes, you know exactly who’s responding — in real time — so you can make more informed marketing decisions and quickly improve ROI.

When a prospect or your customer uses a code, your offer is automatically delivered — whether by text, email, or any other way you choose. And you’ll see results in real time, so you can target offers more precisely.

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