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MARTECH PODCAST: Voice Activated Direct Response Campaigns with Mike Gunderson

Listen to Mike Gunderson guest on the latest episode of the Martech Podcast. Host Benjamin Shapiro has a discussion with Mike about an incredible new technology that will help improve the conversions and attribution accuracy of direct response marketing campaigns through voice.

Respond Fast makes it easier than ever for your audience to use their smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to respond to your offers. Plus, you get 100% attribution to your campaign’s offer, creative, audience and marketing channel. You will always know exactly how each marketing campaign performs.

The less friction we can cause the prospect, the better or quicker we’re going to get that lead top of funnel.

Respond Fast allows prospects to use any Amazon Alexa or GoogleAssistant smart speaker to easily access offline offers, information sites, surveys, reviews, and other interactive platforms.And it enables marketers to seamlessly launch, track, and optimize campaigns. Mike is also Mentorship Chair at Entrepreneurs’ Organization Silicon Valley.

  • 02:26 – What is Respond Fast
  • 02:59 – The transition from Gunderson Direct
  • 04:47 – A demo of what Respond Fast actually does
  • 05:55 – Why does response through voice matters to marketers
  • 07:37 – Different mediums of marketing that people are using voice activated call to action for
  • 09:04 – How Respond Fast thinks about attribution
  • 11:53 – Campaigns that are effective
  • 16:53 – The business model for Respond Fast
  • 18:19 – The costs and setup fees

  • “Respond Fast is a voice activated call to action. It allows marketers to have all their responses come through voice technology versus going online or calling somebody individually.” – Mike
  • “We have quite a few companies testing the platform.” – Mike
  • “The less friction we can cause the prospect, the better or quicker we’re going to get that lead top of funnel.” – Mike
  • “Users can quickly access the information or the offer that is being presented to them.” – Mike
  • “This is great for offline marketing efforts – direct mail, radio, podcasts, prints ads, etc.” – Mike
  • “We have two different ways for attribution. One is a generic campaign phrase and the other one is a true attribution – a one to one attribution where we use a unique identifier code.” – Mike
  • “We had a great success with some of our fintech clients.” – Mike
  • “This technology can be used for voting or surveys too.” – Mike
  • “43 million Americans own a smart speaker right now.” – Mike
    “Google Assistant makes more than 85 percent of the US smart speaker market.” – Mike
    “Our service costs $80 per month for a campaign. That’s the ongoing maintenance fee to run the campaigns. And then it is only 15 cents per response.” – Mike
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