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How Voice-Activated Technology Can Improve Customer Engagement on

How Voice-Activated Technology Can Improve Customer Engagement

Creating content for smart speakers and other voice-activated devices can help you build trust and brand yourself as an expert in your field

Customer engagement is essential to your business’ success. After all, if consumers don’t care about what you have to offer, you’re unlikely to be on their minds when it comes time to make a purchase.

More and more retailers are turning to voice-activated technology to improve their relationships with customers. This trend makes sense, as research by consulting firm Ovum suggests there will be more virtual assistants than people on Earth by 2021.

But how does it work?

There isn’t one catch-all technique when dealing with the voice because consumers and businesses use it in so many different ways. Consider the following applications and apply the ones that work best with your company type and business model.

Here are some ways that you can use voice-activated technology to attract customers.

1. Allow customers to order by voice

Can potential customers order from you through their smart speaker or voice assistant? If not, you could be missing out on a segment of your market, losing sales to competitors who are using this technology.

Of course, voice-activated ordering isn’t possible in every industry, but if you see similar companies doing it successfully, it might be time to try it for yourself.

Many restaurants are now using voice technology because it cuts down on the need for staff and streamlines the ordering process, especially for re-orders, which can be executed with a simple voice command and don’t require more advanced conversations.

Voice ordering also makes sense for other retailers because it’s faster than searching for an item through a website. Walmart is already using this technology, and it is accessible for businesses of almost any size.

If you can make voice ordering work, give it a try to maximize your sales.

2. Present special offers

Once voice-activated shopping is available through your company, you might consider presenting customers with offers after they place their orders. When users can opt-in for coupons or discounts through voice, rather than having to visit your website, it takes a whole step out of the process and makes it more likely that they will sign up.

The offers that you present will encourage customers to order from you again, driving further sales. A limited-time promo code, for example, might convince a consumer to buy an item that he or she might otherwise put off for later.

3. Offer product assistance via voice search

Providing assistance or troubleshooting for your products through voice search is very convenient for your customers. In this situation, rather than having to search for the information they need, users can simply ask their smart speaker or voice assistant for help.

The key to this assistance is to make sure you have the right information available to your customers.

For example, if you own a grocery store, having recipes that your customers can access through voice-activated devices could convince them to shop with you again.

In this situation, you can present a special code with an item that provides a recipe through their smart speaker when they get home. The end result is a customer whose life has been made easier through the service you offer, which makes it more likely that the consumer will return.

4. Answer relevant questions on your website

Are you aware of questions that users of your products frequently ask? If so, try to answer these questions on your website through an FAQ page.

Creating this page could direct users to your website when they ask the question, improving overall engagement. When customers ask their smart speakers a question about a product, the voice assistant will then get the answer from your website.

This approach has a couple of benefits. First, those who have purchased the item from you will be happy that you’ve taken the time to answer a valid question. Second, consumers who have bought the item from another retailer might notice that you’re providing this better service and information than the company they bought it from.

5. Integrate offline marketing with voice

One of the newest ways of driving customer engagement through voice-activated devices is by connecting them to offline marketing campaigns.

The idea is that your offline marketing to include a Voice Activated Call to Action that includes a code or key phrase that users can say into their smart speakers or mobile devices.  The technology then sends a link to the customer’s cellphone, allowing them to access the deal.

This technique is useful because it eliminates the need for the customer to remember your advertisement later on when he or she isn’t busy. By sending consumers a link, the offer is available to them when they have time to access it.

Respond Fast can help you integrate your offline and online marketing through our Voice Activated Call to Action technology. Your customers can respond directly to your offers through smart speakers or any other virtual assistant, maximizing the effectiveness of your advertising plan. Contact us today to start your first voice response campaign.

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