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Interview Highlights Part 3: How to Get Started with Respond Fast

Respond Fast founder, Mike Gunderson, was interviewed by Ben Shapiro on the Martech Podcast. In a series of three articles, we’re sharing highlights from the interview covering specific topics about voice marketing technology. To listen to the full interview, click here.

Ben Shapiro: So Mike, for the people that are interested in running a test and adding a voice-activated call to action to their marketing campaigns, what do they have to factor in? What’s the cost? What’s the setup fees? How does the actual business relationship with Respond Fast work?

Mike Gunderson: So we have a very easy system that clients can manage on their own. All they have to do is go to, they can learn a little bit about the product and then send us an inquiry to sign them up. The pricing is also really simple. We know that this is an add on to the rest of your marketing efforts and so we wanted to make sure that this was really reasonable in order to add this to really any offline media campaign that you’re running. So really simple, $80 a month per campaign. That’s the ongoing maintenance fee to run the campaigns. So you only pay for the responses that you receive through the voice-activated call to action.

Ben Shapiro: So Mike tell us for the people that are interested in adding a voice-activated call to action to their marketing campaigns, how do they find out more information about Respond Fast and how do they get ahold of you?

Mike Gunderson: Well, there’s two ways. You can go to and there’s plenty of information there about our product or of course, you can use Alexa or Google. Just say, launch Respond Fast, and then use the key phrase, “trial.” <CAN WE MAKE THIS PART BIG/BOLD IN THE TEXT?>

Ben Shapiro: So that’s the easy one. You just go to Google or Alexa, say, launch Respond Fast, and use the keyword, trial, and Mike will send you some information about the product or just go to Mike, it’s a pleasure to have you back on the show. I am tremendously excited to test the Respond Fast platform. We’re going to be using it in some of our advertising efforts for the Martech Podcast and maybe even gaining some feedback from our listeners. So, A, thank you for creating the product and, B, thanks for being on the show.

Mike Gunderson: Ben, it’s always a pleasure. I love your podcast and I always appreciate being input on.

Respond Fast provides a service that combines offline marketing with smart speaker usage to help clients get the most from this service. Smart speakers are everywhere and leveraging them is important for advertisers who want to take the next step. Contact Respond Fast for more information on what this technology can do for your business.

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