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Get Your Customers Talking With Voice Surveys

Now retailers can manage and control where feedback is posted with voice surveys.

As ever-changing consumer preferences continue to dismantle the retail store model, building brand loyalty and enhancing consumer engagement is more important than ever.

Consistently delivering on convenience, stellar product offerings, and value in store are paramount. When executed well reviews are positive, foot traffic increases, and sales rise. Any inconsistency in service can create a domino effect that can easily get out of a brand’s control. And it all starts with consumer reviews.  

According to a 2018 ReviewTracker study, 63.6% of shoppers check Google reviews and 43% check Yelp reviews before they shop

Consumer review sites like Google and Yelp influence where people spend their money. According to a 2018 ReviewTracker study, 63.6% of shoppers check Google reviews and 43% check Yelp reviews before they shop. In the same report, it was found that 94% of shoppers have said they’ve avoided a business based on a negative online review.

Reviews cannot be ignored. In fact, they should be embraced. They can help brands build on what’s working, course correct, and most importantly, get more customers. But retailers don’t have to be at the mercy of online review sites. Using Respond Fast,™ brands can get feedback directly and manage them immediately using the power of voice.

Respond Fast’s Voice Activated Call to Action™ (VACTA) technology allows customers to engage with offline advertising using their smart speaker. It’s also the perfect path for feedback and reviews. Respond Fast voice surveys provide a new and exciting way to get customers’ opinions after a store visit. With the power of voice, retailers can extend the engagement in a more personal way, beyond the store. And voice gives customers a unique, convenient, and immediate opportunity to share their feedback, which contributes to building the customer relationship and creating a perception of innovation.

Using branch logic intercept technology, Respond Fast voice surveys allow the retailer to act on negative feedback and send positive reviewers to online review sites.

Here’s how it works:
By asking customers to provide feedback via a survey on Respond Fast, they will immediately be asked to indicate whether their experience with the brand was positive or negative. Positive reviewers will be sent a link to their mobile phones to share their opinion on the online review site of choice. Negative reviewers will be asked additional questions about their experience. The responses are private and not publicly viewed or accessed. An offer can be provided at the completion of the review to make up for their dissatisfaction. 

Providing a seamless path to leave reviews telegraphs that a retailer cares about their customers’ opinions. And handling issues immediately and positively builds brand loyalty and keeps your brand at the forefront of the competition. As the retail environment continues to change, it’s critical to stay innovative in customer engagement tactics.

Visit for more information on how we can help you make voice a part of your multichannel marketing strategy by setting up your Voice Activated Call to Action. You can start your first campaign for free, so don’t wait — contact us today.

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