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How Voice Activated Call to Action™ Technology Is Revolutionizing Marketing on

How Voice Activated Call to Action™ Technology Is Revolutionizing Marketing

Voice Activated Call to Action technology allows consumers to access offers at any time, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Marketers are always looking for advantages and ways to reach consumers in new and efficient ways. The internet, for example, provides unparalleled access to customers around the globe. The main drawback is that screens are necessary for them to access the offers that you present, so when people are busy, they won’t be able to take action on your ads.

Many marketers have overlooked radio, television, direct mail, and billboards in recent years because of the evolution of the internet. Still, there is a way to combine online and offline marketing seamlessly to create an environment where consumers can always access the deals that you’re presenting.

The technology that makes this environment possible is called Voice Activated Call to Action (VACTA), and it’s changing the way marketers reach consumers and how customers respond to offers.

The success of this technology is driven, in part, by the popularity of virtual assistants and smart speakers — as more than 25% of Americans own at least one AI-driven, voice-responsive speaker.

Here is some insight into how VACTA technology is changing marketing for the better and providing savvy marketers with yet another advantage.

Hands-free access to offers

From a customer point of view, the main benefit of a VACTA is that it provides them with access to exclusive offers without having to look at their screens. As a result, they can respond to any advertisements they see right away and look at the actual content later.

This technology sends a link to the user’s phone, making it easy to examine the offer at a more convenient time. That way, they don’t have to try to remember any details and the link will be there waiting for them when they’re ready.

As a marketer, hands-free access is revolutionary because you no longer have to worry about time preventing an interested consumer from accessing your offer.

For example, if you put up a highway billboard, there’s always going to be a delay between the time the driver sees the ad and responds to it. In that time, you run the risk of the driver seeing other advertisements that could also gain his or her attention or forgetting about the ad altogether.

By using Voice Activated Call to Action technology, the driver can access the offer on your billboard immediately. Hence, time and distance become less of an impediment to making the sale.

The same can be said for direct mail, television, and radio advertisements. VACTA technology makes it simple for consumers to respond to an ad quickly, and they can go further in-depth on the deal when they have more time.

There are over one billion devices with voice assistant access on the market today. By tapping into that potential, you can revolutionize the way you reach customers and present them with offers.

The integration of online and offline marketing

Brands love that Voice Activated Call to Action technology provides a new, more user-friendly way to integrate online and offline marketing.

Contemporary offline advertisements attempt to integrate the two worlds by including a web address somewhere in the text or speech. But are people likely to remember this address?

In all likelihood, those who see the web address will forget its details before getting to a screen where they can look it up, causing them to have to search for your product. At best, this creates friction between the ad and the person responding to it — it’s places a burden on your customer to remember the name of your company or product to find it later and respond.

There’s nothing wrong with using search engines like Google to find your company or product, but you should help consumers respond more easily so they don’t have to do that. Whenever possible, bring the customer directly to your website from the offline world — it will eliminate friction and increase response.

The VACTA is the perfect way to accomplish this direct connection because it includes a simple offer code that users can speak into a smart speaker or another voice-activated device. By having the user access the offer directly and immediately, you eliminate the competition while ensuring that you’re able to interact with the customer at a more convenient time.

100% attribution in real-time

Another key feature of Voice Activated Call to Action technology is that it allows you to track the effectiveness of your offline campaigns in real-time.

Usually, when you include a special offer in an offline campaign, you have to wait to see the results. Because VACTA makes these offers immediately redeemable, you’ll know right away if it’s working.

This feature is excellent if you’re doing A/B testing because you’ll see which pieces of direct mail are generating a response and which aren’t.

Or, if you’re sending out personalized offers with unique codes, VACTA allows you to see which customers are replying so you can propel them further in your sales funnel.

There’s no more guessing about the efficiency of your offline marketing campaign because this technology makes it easy to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Respond Fast’s VACTA technology

Respond Fast is at the forefront of the Voice Activated Call to Action revolution, making it easier for consumers to respond to marketing offers without the use of a screen. Our service allows your audience to act on your proposals immediately, helping you to maximize your ROI.

Contact Respond Fast to start your first campaign for free or to receive more information on how we can help you get involved with Voice Activated Call to Action technology.

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