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Everywhere You Go: Why Voice Marketing Is Here to Stay on

Everywhere You Go: Why Voice Marketing Is Here to Stay

The popularity of smart speakers and voice tech has created a growing need for strategic voice marketing

Cash may be king, as the old saying goes, but convenience is plotting to take over the throne. The proliferation of digital devices and almost immediate access to information has created an increased appreciation for ease and efficiency. That attitude has led to a culture-wide expectation of immediate gratification. Voice marketing is perfectly positioned at the intersection of content and convenience, which makes it a foolproof strategy for marketing a business or service.

The rising popularity of smart devices like speakers and televisions, combined with the presence of digital AI assistants who are always present and ever ready to field inquiries and offer information, makes voice marketing a valuable solution for modern marketing. It’s ideal for introducing your business or product to potential customers and capitalizing on the growth of new technology.

Learn how to harness the power of digital assistants and voice-activated tech to help spread your brand’s message to the world. You’ll bring more value to consumers by offering content that enriches their lives and reduces their workload.

Ask questions, get answers

Voice-activated tech is still in its infancy, but it’s been widely adopted and accepted by consumers in a way that ensures future growth. Although voice shopping accounted for approximately $2 billion worth of purchases as of 2018, OC&C Strategy Consultants estimate that number will reach an impressive $40 billion in 2022.

Even if consumers aren’t fully accustomed to making their purchases through voice tech as of yet, their behavior is trending in that direction, according to an Adobe Analytics Report:

  • 47% of consumers are likely to use a digital assistant for information about a purchase
  • 43% add items to shopping lists through smart devices or digital assistants
  • 32% use voice search to compare shopping prices
  • 25% have placed a one-time order for delivery
  • 21% have reordered products using voice search or a digital assistant

Voice-activated speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home are among the most popular choices for interactive voice tech, and they are becoming an everyday staple in households around the world.

Friendships with artificial intelligence

According to Google, 72% of smart speaker owners say the device is part of their daily routine, and most keep their speaker in the most common area of their home for easy access by every member of the family.

Not only do these digital assistants allow consumers to multitask more efficiently, but they also introduce a personal element to technology. Among survey respondents, 41% equated their voice-activated AI assistant to a friend, even using proper etiquette to address their voice search devices during conversational exchanges.

The human relationship developing with these digital assistants is interesting from a marketing perspective for several reasons.

First, consumers are more likely to treat these devices like a trusted resource than more traditional mediums. Digital assistants are not seen as unwelcome intruders. Consumers are willing participants in these exchanges — unlike traditional marketing, which is often seen as a nuisance. As such, consumers are more open to receiving information from brands that they find helpful in their everyday lives, such as information about deals or promotions, events or activities, valuable tips or tricks, ordering opportunities, business information, or access to customer support.

Another factor to consider is that younger generations are being raised to view smart speakers and voice-activated tech as a normal part of their daily routine and as a hub of information. From young ages, they can ask questions and get answers; request entertainment such as songs, podcasts, or games; or enjoy playful discourse with Alexa, Siri, and the Google Assistant.

As these young people grow up to become consumers, voice search and smart speakers will be commonplace in their lives and they’re likely to be the first place they turn for help or information. Creating a connection early is invaluable for businesses.

As of right now, voice tech is still emerging as a new but trusted technology. Developing a strategy to incorporate that technology into your business plan will put your organization on the front lines of this exciting and promising frontier. Voice marketing allows you to reach consumers where they’re at – which is everywhere, all the time. Providing valuable content in a convenient medium is critical to making sure your message is heard and that your brand is respected as a positive addition to the lives of consumers. Voice marketing is here to stay; create content accordingly.

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