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You Can Now Integrate Voice Technology and Direct Mail on

You Can Now Integrate Voice Technology and Direct Mail

It’s now possible to combine your direct mail campaign with voice-activated devices like smart speakers.

Direct mail and technology are perfect complements to each other, particularly when using state-of-the-art devices to respond to the offers that arrive in your mailbox.

In the past, we’ve seen QR codes work well for direct mail marketers, as they can instantly bring customers to websites that provide special offers or bonus material without the user having to type a thing.

Augmented reality is another common method of integrating technology and direct mail, allowing users to see what their lives would be like when using the product or service that you’re promoting.

The next big thing in the marriage between old-school marketing techniques and cutting-edge technology is the Voice Activated Call to Action™ (VACTA). This technology allows businesses to integrate online and offline advertising seamlessly through the latest voice-activated devices and provides all the data you need to get the most from your marketing budget.

Here’s what you need to know about Voice Activated Call to Actions and how to integrate them with your direct mail marketing.

How VACTA technology works

VACTA is a simple concept that any customer can use with a smart speaker and a little instruction.

Any offline marketing material that you send will most likely include a call to action of some sort. Sometimes you ask customers to phone a number, while other times you want them to visit a URL or even scan a QR code.

These response devices take an extra step from users: They must immediately find their smartphones, laptop or other Internet-capable device and follow the instructions to receive your offer. It’s not always convenient to pull these devices out and operate them, particularly when the individual is busy driving or performing other manual tasks.

A Voice Activated Call to Action is different because all the consumer has to do is verbally launch Respond Fast on his or her smart speaker or digital assistant and speak the offer code. The offer is then sent to the user’s smartphone to access at a more convenient time. With smart speaker sales numbers exploding in recent years, the time is right to integrate this technology into any marketing campaign.

By making it possible for customers to respond to offers via voice, you allow them to react to your marketing materials in real-time, even when they’re busy with another task.

Voice Activated Call to Action technology eliminates another hurdle that keeps a number of interested prospects from following through on your offers. You will get better results simply by offering this low-effort response mechanism.

The offer that the customer is responding to is then sent to his or her smartphone to access later. If you offer a coupon, for example, the voucher will arrive on the prospect’s phone for them to use later.

This technology has countless benefits for your marketing campaign, as you can use it in conjunction with any offline advertising method.

Integrating direct mail

When using a VACTA in your direct mail, you have the advantage of guaranteeing the advertising reaches the customer at home. When consumers read the content in their house, they are likely close to a smart speaker and can respond to the offer right away.

Direct mail also stays inside the home for an average of 17 days, giving the consumer plenty of time to respond.

Your mail campaign can integrate special offer codes and instructions on how to use a smart speaker to access them — making it easy for consumers to interact with your brand and access your promos.

The other great thing about using VACTAs with direct mail is that you receive real-time statistics on who is taking advantage of these offers because you include a custom code in each piece. Once you know a potential customer has accessed your offer through Respond Fast, you know that individual is interested in your products and you can send follow-up marketing accordingly.

Why Respond Fast is a game-changing technology

Voice Activated Call to Action technology is revolutionary because it brings online and offline marketing together seamlessly. You no longer have to choose where to spend your resources because you can advertise offline, take your customers online, and then make the sale in either environment — it’s all one, authentic omnichannel shopping experience.

Today’s consumers expect everything to come to them quickly and don’t want to wait for offers to arrive. They’re also exposed to a constant bombardment of advertisements, so it’s easy to get lost in the mix.

Respond Fast helps you move past the clutter by reaching consumers in this new and exciting way. Contact us today for more information on our unique Voice Activated Call to Action technology or to start your first voice response campaign.

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