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4 Tips to the Most of On-Demand Voice Marketing on

4 Tips to Make the Most of On-Demand Voice Marketing

Consumers want information, goods, and services on-demand, and by making your offerings accessible via voice technology, you put your brand ahead of the competition.

We live in a world where almost everything is available instantly. Consumers can stream movies, watch their favorite television shows, order pizza, and listen to the news without getting off the couch.

Voice technology has made it even easier to access goods and services, as customers can now place orders or access media without even lifting a finger.

As a marketer, finding out how to integrate your brand’s offerings into on-demand voice marketing is important because it makes everything you sell more accessible.

Here are some things you can do to make the most of on-demand voice marketing going forward.

1. Provide instant access

The main feature of on-demand technology is that it provides users with instant access to media or information. When consumers use on-demand apps or interact with brands in an on-demand channel, they are doing so because they can receive information or access a service without delay.

The need for immediate information is one reason why voice technology is so successful. Rather than searching for a website that answers a question, users can now ask their smart speakers that question and receive an instant answer. Doing so makes the entire process faster, providing immediate access to whatever the consumer needs.

As a marketer, harnessing this technology and creating a way for users to interact with your brand without having to visit your website or contact your call center puts you well ahead of companies that don’t have these capabilities.

2. Offer new and exciting capabilities

Speaking of capabilities, the way consumers want to use voice technology is evolving into something more far-reaching than ever before.

Initially, smart speaker users were perfectly fine using their devices the same way they used their smartphones. For the most part, consumers would use these speakers to find information, listen to music, and maybe shop online.

Today, we’re seeing consumers want to use their smart speakers and other voice-activated devices in new ways, such as accessing special offers or sending themselves information to access later.

Shopping through a smart speaker is somewhat basic because you can’t browse the same way you would on a cellphone or computer. By providing users with offers or discount codes they can access directly through voice, you’re offering them a new feature that your competitors don’t necessarily have.

The more you’re able to offer your customers new and exciting ways to use their devices, the better off you’ll be as the marketing industry evolves.

3. Present personalized offers

Of course, it should come as no surprise that today’s consumers want personalized offers. The good news is that every online person has thousands of data points available, allowing you to make a profile of the user when developing these offers.

But how does this relate to on-demand voice technology?

When you set-up a voice-response call-to-action system, you can present consumers with unique codes to access your offers. That way, the user is given an offer based on what your data says he or he is most likely to buy.

From there, the user says the unique offer code into a smart speaker and Respond Fast’s technology sends an offer based on his or her profile.

Using on-demand voice technology in this manner involves collecting data and sending direct mail or other marketing materials to users. Each user is presented with a unique code, which not only allows you to track the effectiveness of your offers but also adds even more data points to the customer’s profile.

4. Make it a simple process

Perhaps most of all, on-demand voice marketing should be simple for the end-user. You don’t want consumers struggling to access your offers because they’re likely to give up if the technology doesn’t work seamlessly.

On-demand voice users don’t want to search for online coupons to receive the lowest price, and they surely don’t want to take the time to enter a discount code into their smart speakers. The solution is to apply the discount or offer codes directly when users access the brand through a smart speaker.

Respond Fast provides this solution by presenting customers with codes through direct mail, radio, television, and other offline mediums that will take them directly to your offer. In doing so, your customers will be confident they’re receiving precisely what they’re looking for instantly. Contact us for more information on what our Voice Activated Call to Action technology can do for your brand.

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